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Hiking Checklist

Summer is the best time for escaping from everyday’s routine and especially after tired working or studying year.
All of us resort to different ways of relaxation. Some people prefer to have a relaxed holiday. Some even prefer opposite – the active holidays like hiking.
Hiking, at first side, is a simple and fun. Pack a bag and start the road. But there are many nuances which should be taken into consideration, before you start your big adventure. A well-planned hike is a guarantee of perfectly spent days.
In this article I want to share my experiences and give some practical tips for “hiking checklist”.

. First Aid Box – not too big and nothing special, just some analgesic pills and first aid items.
Changing the pressure in the mountain and also long and tired road may cause headaches. It’s good if you can solve this problem, right?

. Navigation – Maps, compass or GPS. Also feel free to contact with locals.

. Money

. Communication device – your cell phone to tell your mom that you are ok.

. Tent and sleeping bag and liner – If you’re going to spend the night.

. Sun protection – sun glasses, cap and sunscreen. Even it is cloudy day, there is a big chance of burning.

. Water – A bottle for water or better thermal glass or bottle

. Food – Hiking requires a lot of energy, calorie-dense food is great! Do not take a perishable food. Also it’s good if you try some candy or nuts.

. Clothing – Few and comfy clothes. You won’t be traveling with too much stuff, so you don’t need to take whole your wardrobe. Take just extra pair clothes. If you’re going to stay overnight, then you need warm clothes. Jumper or warm jacket and don’t forget warm socks. (I always take warm hat too).
One of the essential attributes of the hike is raincoat!

. Shoes – Footwear are the most important thing in hiking. I prefer some boots. Also take some extra shoes – for ex. sandals or slippers are perfect. When you are in the mountains, you may need to cross the river for example. Walking with wet shoes is terrible, believe me.

. Personal hygiene items – small hand/face towel, paper napkin, very small list of your personal hygiene items.

. Matches or fire starter and fire starting material – Just in case, if you find “unsuccessful stones “.

. A pocket knife – to be prepared for everything

. A camera – It will be sad, if you do not impress your trip

. Notebook with pencil – For more sensations and memories – write!

. Backpack – And finally, of course the bag. You’ll need something to carry all these staff. Better is a waterproof bag with a hip belt to help support the bag’s weight.

Other Recommended Items:

. Drinking cup – better if it is metal material

. Coffee or Tea with or without sugar? – I always love this idea

. A book – if you are a book lover

. Illumination – Headlamps and flashlights.

. Bug spray or Insect repellent

. Solar charger

. Extra batteries or power banks.

. Whistle – in case you got lost

. Hiking sticks – they are cool things


Always pack the night before a big hike.

Check again your bag – not to miss something.

Check the tent! – If you have a tent.

Before you go check the weather forecasts

Find information about places where you are going

Make sure your cellphone is fully charged

Make your new “travel music list”

Don’t forget your headphones ♪♫♬


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