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Kakheti Tour

Welcome to Kakheti

Kakheti is a region in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti and the small, mountainous province of Tusheti. Telavi is its capital.
The region comprises eight administrative districts: Telavi, Gurjaani, Kvareli, Sagarejo, Dedoplistsqaro,
Signagi, Lagodekhi and Akhmeta. Kakheti is bordered by the Russian Federation to the Northeast and Azerbaijan to the Southeast.


2 Days tour:
Day 1.
– Traveling to Kakheti.  Panoramic views from Gombori pass on the way.

Our locations:

  • Axali shuamta Monastery
  • Dzveli shuamta Monastery
  • Iyalto Monastery
  • Alaverdi Monastery
  • Gremi Monastery
  • Nekresi Monastery

Day 2.

Our locations:

  • Telavi
  • Tsinandali
  • Bodbe
  • Sighnaghi

You can watch our video about Kakheti  Here

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