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Why Traveling?

Travelling is the kind of activity, which almost all the people love. For someone it is an opportunity to relax and keep away from everyday’s busy life. For other’s it is interesting to explore other places, people, cultures and life. Some people think that it is the best way to have fun and always try to visit as many clubs, restaurants and cafes as possible for their wallets and time limits.Of course, there are people who do not love traveling, they will say that travelling is not pleasant and contains a lot of stress, takes you time and money. But to my mind, fortunately, those people are rather few and the majority understands how travelling is exciting and interesting. If you, my reader, you belong to this minority, this topic is more for you.

What is a travel? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of travel is: to make a journey, typically of some length. But it is “deeper” than this explanation.

Now I’m going to show 10 reasons why traveling?

1. Best “Drug” for health

Travel promotes physical activity, when you walking through the streets or climbing a mountain, you move, you make your exercises. Physical movement is a great medicine for our health.

Travel also can promote brain health and keep the mind sharp. When your brain is introduced to new experiences and places, it becomes more active, stimulates its working and helps to improve both – memory and concentration.

Also it is a good cure for your nervous and stress. It is somehow refreshing our life. When we go to a new place, we feel refreshed. All tiredness disappears. We seem to start on a new life.

2. Best way for life experiences

Travelling brings us into contact with different people and different ways of life. We study closely their religions, customs, and manners. We get the opportunity of meeting new people and seeing new things. You experience so many different feelings.

You “Study” traveling and gain time menagmant skills. When you are in a different place, far from your home and “comfort zone”, you have to do everything by yourself and even mistakes are better teachers ever.

3. Makes you tolerance and sociable

Traveling makes you more social. You help others in need and care. Give and rescive informations and advices.

When I am in my journey, I just hold my breath and observe the beauty. At such moments I think about how our life is excellent, what beauty it offers us and how important it is to value each moment and relationships of our lives.

The views of nature are also exciting, as while watching them, I wonder how such beauty can be created and how it is important not to spoil it.

4. Travel creates relationships and friends

People you meet on the road become some of the most valued names on your contact list. They become places on the map to visit later on. These folks give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of friends, and force you to take in new and refreshing perspectives, and ultimately realize that everyone is the same.

5. Explore yourself

Travel Helps You Know More About Yourself. Travel brings out your hidden talents and skills that until now you were unaware of it. Traveling means new foods, cultures, language, people, and places to explore. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. And it is a good thing, because it will help you grow as a person.

6. Best Storyteller

Traveling makes you more interesting person. Travel gives you cool stories that is worth to tell. Exploration of new customs, traditions, livings, thoughts, rituals, arts, emotions, gain a lot of expariances and learn different things,then you can share all this “stuff” to your fiands and people around you, it makes you better storyteller and always would be interesting and desirable to listen your stories and adventures about your traveling.

7. Obtain and realize

Travel is literally food for thought. It makes you more openminded and helps inspiring your creative work.

8. “appraisement of your wealth”

Being far away makes your home, your family and friends appreciative. You have complicated moments while you’re traveling, and at this moment you miss them and understand how precious they and their relationships are.

9. Education?!

Travelling is a needful part of education. It is said that learning from books is only one part of education. Travelling is another part of it. We learn of many things from books. While travelling we see them. When we read something, we see through other’s eyes. When we travel there, we see with our own eyes. No books can write those experience, you have to feel it yourself. When you see an awesome places that leaves you speechless, how can you write it on books?

10. It’s your turn


I leave this part open, because I want the reader to fill it out. Would be great if you finish this topic. So, I’m waiting for your answers – Why Traveling?

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